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Android Source Code, Apps, Tools and Helpful Information

Android Apps

Demonstrate using ColorMatrix ColorMatrixColorFilter

UI layout demonstration, expanding cell animation, dividers

ALog Enhanced Android Logger

DevTool (DevStuff - developer tool, theme previewer, icons, fonts)

Encrypted Notepad and Grid Pattern password

Tester - Test WebView with two fragment panels settings and view

flip.png Demo - Animation which Flips (Rotates) Two Views

Demo - Various UI Components and Effects

audiodemo.png Demo - How to play audio files res/raw or assets

Android Development / Information

Memory Leaks

Android Auto Car / Screen life cycle

Activity Life Cycle (fragment life cycle)

View Life Cycle

RecyclerView Life Cycle

Save Instance state does not always work.

OS API Levels

OS data directory "/data and /data/data"

App data storage options

USB Connector colors, speed, power specifications

Android Pixel Calculator [by]

MultiDex (64k limit)

Android Icon Sizes [by]

Android Regular Expression (Pattern, Matcher, Regex)

Git diagrams

Free Mac OSX Developer Tools, Diagrams, Image/video conversion

Android Development - Notes and Examples

Android class hierarhcy

Java weaknesses - why it is a poor language

Android weaknesses - stuff to watch out for

Mac weaknesses - why Mac is not perfect

Styles Themes and custom widgets

Test Mobile html

Android / Eclipse Tools

APK-Info for windows
APK-Info (at (v0.5)

Eclipse Instant Search (windows)

mLogcat - Logcat and Kernel Viewer for Windows

Ant - colorized logger (Windows)