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Dennis Lang       www.linkedin.com/pub/1/119/293

Cpu, Thread and Disk I/O Performance Articles

android Android Apps, Developer notes, Memory leaks, Class diagrams

llclasses C++ and Java code parser generates dependence class diagrams, Text, HTML, VIZ

java tree Java code parsed into HTML class diagrams

array STL Performance and Comparison (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

array C#, C++ and Java Container Performance Reports

ringbuffer Thread optimized Ring Buffer and Queues, DDJ Jan 2009 by Herb Sutter (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

stopwatch Speed of C functions and operations (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

slidingsquares Thread performance penalty accessing commond data (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

locks Fastest locking strategies (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

fileio Fastest file I/O strategies (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

timewinio Fastest Window file I/O attribute settings (Windows) windows

xml Fastest XML parsing (msxml3,msxml6,opensource and commerical) (Windows) (Windows) windows

float Best Way to Convert Floating Point String to Double (Linux and Windows) linuxwindows

C# (Csharp): windows

tidycmd v1.4 TidyCmd C# Tidy HTML 4.0, verify links, CSS style usage and more...

urlcleaner v1.6 UrlCleaner C# Url Shortcut Cleaner / Verification

inline v1.7 InlineHtmlImages C# Inline HTML Images (base64)

vsCleaner v2.5 VStudioCleaner C# Locate and remove files. Visual Studio garbage cleaner.

lockdown v1.2 LockDown C# Parental Control Limits Time on Computer

colormatrix v1.5 ColorMatrix C# Demonstrate use of ColorMatrix

folderbar v1.4 FolderBar C# Decorative File Browser Bar

xydraw v1.7 XyDraw C# (X,Y) data segment graph/draw/plot program

netpeak v2.1 NetPeak C# Monitor and Graph network connections

webmetar v2.4 WebMetar C# Fetch and Decode Weather METAR reports

red v2.2 Red C# Remove Empty Directories

spinbox v1.0 Spinbox C# How to spin a dialog during open or close

xmldiff48 v1.8 XmlDiff C# Xml side-by-side viewer and comparison tool

deskmenu v1.0 DeskMenu C# Desktop Shell Context to launch explorer

magnifile48 v6.4 Magnifile C# Display open file handles, disk allocation, monitor & more

RegCompare v1.3 RegCompare C# Registry(.reg) Side-by-side viewer and comparison

m3dviewer v2.5 M3dViewer C# application to view 3d Xfile models

picviewer v1.3 PicViewer C# View several images

acuteAngle v1.0 AcuteAngleDraw C# Test Acute Angle Transformation.

llcount v1.3 LLCount C# Count Lines of Code (partially implemented)

agifcreator v1.4 AGifCreator C# Create Animate Gif from images

colorSelector v1.1 ColorSelctor C# HSL/RGB color selector

Console Commands: windows

llwatch v1.1 LLWatch Watch program execution (similar to linux watch command)

llfile v16.1 LLFile Colorized directory listing, File copy, compare (with directory wildcards like Unix)

ntfsjournal v2.9 NTFSJournal NTFS journal search and listing using MFT (Master File Table)

ntfsfastfind v2.9 NTFSFastFind NTFS Fast File Find using MFT (Master File Table)

llproxy v1.1 LLProxy HTTP Proxy Service (w/ Tunnelling)

C++ (C plus plus):windows

timeme v1.1 TimeMe a Windows utility which measures performance metrics of running target