LanDenLabs - Java, Android and Mac Weakness (2017)

Mac Weakness - Why the Mac (OSX) is not perfect

The following is my personal list of weaknesses (issues) with Mac (osx). For some background I am using MacBook Pro to develop Android Apps using Android Studio and Java 1.8

During my developement process I have itemizing those weaknesses and issues which were unexpected or disappointing.

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  1. Finder - awful file explorer compared to Window's File Explorer. Does not have easy access to path, etc.

    Mac 'finder' is probably the weakest point using a Mac (OSX). The interface lacks a command bar for easy cut and pasting of paths when you need to navigate between file exploring and another program.

    One alternative is Double Commander

    Another alternative is Commander One

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  2. Other Mac (OSX) Tools
  3. Easy Find - location files quickly, both filename and file text search.


    CCleaner - remove junk from your Mac.