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(ALL) A LanDen Labs - Developer Tool (Android App)

Dennis Lang


Dev Tool - Features

Dev Tool is a general purpose developer tool to display resources and assets available to Android developers.
The app contains the following pages:
  1. Build - List of build class data members
  2. Prop - OS Properies - various system settings stored in Properties, accessible by adb
  3. Proc - Processor information, cpu types, arch, cores, etc
  4. Disk - Various disk analysis commands (WARNING - your Android OS may prevent access to these commands)
  5. NetStat - Active network connections, TCP4, TCP6
  6. Network - List of network services, types, Carrier, IP address, Wifi connections and history
  7. System - List of system values (memory, network, gps, opengl)
  8. Packages - List installed, defaults, cached, and libraries
  9. Files - Browse file system, Pictures, SDcard, Download, DCIM, Movies, Ringtones (WARNING - your Android OS may prevent access to view folders)
  10. Console - Monitor system memory and network
  11. Sensor - Graph several sensors (WiFi, Audio, Battery, Freemem)
    Click on text row to get detailed display showing pixel height for 10 rows.
  12. Theme - Selectable Theme previewer
  13. Light - Toggle flash light, adjust screen brightness
  14. Clock - Current and GMT time, countries Daylight status, Timezone map, (optional Alarm)
  15. GPS - Passive GPS monitor
  16. Screen - Screen pixel and DP size and aspect information. Draw and display touch coordinates.
  17. Text - Display of sample text using available Fonts, Styles and Poinst size.
  18. Icon Drawable - List of android.R.drawable.* image assets
    Click on image to get detailed image viewer.
  19. Icon Attr - List of android.R.attr.* image assets.
    Click on image to get detailed image viewer.
  20. Misc Attr - List of non-Image android.R.attr.* assets.

Screen Shots of main pages

build.jpg audio audio clock proc text.jpg theme0.jpg screen-portrait.jpg icondraw1.jpg iconattr1.jpg miscattr.jpg

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Build Page

build.jpg The build page is just a dump of all the parameters in the Build class. You can click on the top bar menu to access share.

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Clock Page

Current time
GMT time
Option mode 12 or 24 hour.

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System Page

system1.jpg system2.jpg

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Console Page

console.jpg Live monitoring of System memory and network activity.

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Sensor Page

sensor.jpg Live monitoring of hardware sensors.

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Packages Page

Long press on package bar to open Package info dialog. Long press on line in details to get larger view and optionally a file browser.

package-user.jpg package-pref.jpg package-cache.jpg package-libs.jpg

Package Preferred shows the action and data types which will are associated with a default action such as sharing an image. In Android world this is internally associated with an Application's registered "intents". The left image shows the details which includes the Intent Scheme, Actions, Categories and DataTypes. the right image is when the view is collapsed and shows a summary of the apps associated with an Intent action shown in red.

package-pref2.jpg package-pref3.jpg

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Text Page

text.jpg text-detail1.jpg
Text page displays samples of text using standard fonts and styles with various points sizes. The detail page shows 10 rows and the pixel height it occupies. If you swipe left or right it will change the point size.

Background grid is 10x10 dp, with the red line at 100x100 dp

Share button allows screen image to be shared.

If you swipe left/right it will change the Font point size (sp).

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Theme Page

theme-menu.jpg theme0.jpg theme4.jpg theme5.jpg

devstuff-more.pngMore themes samples

The Theme page is the most interesting page. Here you can preview various Android themes. The top section includes the App Theme selector. This changes the theme for the entire app and some pages may be hard to read with some themes. The middle section includes a dialog button on the left which opens a dialog using the app theme. The middle right theme selector opens a dialog using the selected theme. The bottom section is a collection of common UI elements.

Sample themes available in Dev Tool:

  • Theme
  • Theme.Black
  • Theme.WidthActionBar
  • Theme.Translucent
  • Theme.Wallpaper
  • Theme.Holo.Light
  • Theme.Holo
  • Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar
  • Theme.Holo.Dialog
  • Theme.Dialog (screen width forced larger)
  • Theme.Panel (screen width forced larger)

See Android Developer page on Styles and Themes
See Android Themes for full set of Themes available in standard Style resource.

Tabular theme comparison by Suman on April 5, 2009

Status bar: Visible Status bar: Visible Status bar: Invisible
Title bar: Visible Title bar: Invisible Title bar: Invisible
Theme Theme.NoTitleBar Theme.
Theme.Black Theme.
Theme.Light Theme.
Theme.Translucent Theme.

devstuff-more.pngMore themes samples

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Screen dimensions and availabel pixel space

screen-portrait.jpg screen-landscape.jpg
Screen Page displays full screen dimensions in Pixels and Dp and the usable portion.

The background grid is 100 x 100 dp.

Heading shows the Phone model, density and scale ratio.

This screen is best viewed using the Theme.Holo setting.

Can draw on screen to see coordinates.

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Icon Draw image assets

icondraw1.jpg icondraw-detail.jpg