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C# Graph example drawing X,Y data as line segments

xydraw XyDraw v1.7 (Feb 2010)

C# Application which draws line segments defined by a series of X,Y data points imported from ascii data files.

This program is useful if you want to draw your (X,Y) data files and be able to zoom and overlap multiple data sets. If you load multiple files they are assigned up to eight different colors. Click on a file to draw its contents (toggles check box). If the Point Viewer is enabled the points will be viewable in the Points Tab. You can multi-select points to draw green dots at their location. The entire XyDraw dialog or just the Graph can be saved as an image. Right click on the title bar or graph to get the context menu.

Special Keys in File Viewer:

+ draw ALL files.
- draw NO files.

Start Screen


Sample graph of several X,Y data files


Viewing data points and drawing markers on graph


Settings screen showing Axis property


About dialog