XML Parsing Performance using C/C++ parsers

Dennis Lang

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Measure Various Ways to Read (parse) XML Documents

The following table shows the results to open, and read every node and attribute from a large xml document. The test was run multiple times with the results averaged together.

Two key factors I noticed when reviewing these products are:

The following tests only measure the time to read and extract the name and value of every xml node and all of its attribute names and values. In my case, I did not need to validate the XML document.

The pseudo code is:

void test()
    XmlObject xml;

void load(XmlNode& node)
    // Read all attributes
    while (node.GetAttribute(name, value))

    XmlNode cNode
    while (node.GetChild(cNode))
Timing results:

Product License Platform/Source Seconds Data char or wchar_t
Chilkat free (I think) Windows package Too slowwchar_t
MSXML3.0 free Windows dll 9.00 wchar_t
MSXML6.0 free Windows dll 8.40 wchar_t
TinyXML opensource/free Source code 5.90 char
XmlParser opensource/free Source code 5.75 either, timed wchar_t
CMarkup Commerical/$250 unlimited use Windows package 2.77 either, timed char
My own xml reader Private   2.00 char

Based on my very simple test and narrow testing criteria, I would recommend CMarkup as the best solution, ignoring my own custom reader. CMarkup has a very clean and easy to use interface and is very fast.

Links to product websites:

XML solutions I did not test: