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Updated: 5-Jul-2009

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Visual Studio 2008 Addons (Written by various authors, see Author tag):

Count source code and comments in solution files (language aware)
  • Download source code, Author:Oz Solomon LineCounter.zip


  • Navigation C++ using Mouse Wheel to scroll by class method. Modified by Dennis Lang
  • Download source code, Author:Jochen Baier MouseNavi-0.3.zip
    Original version at: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/macros/MouseNavi.aspx

  • Quick open any solution files by providing partial file name or pattern
  • Download source code, Author:Jeff Grills SolutionOpen.zip

    Original version at: http://public.perforce.com:8080/@md=d&cd=//guest/jeff_grills/&ra=s&c=gZH@//guest/jeff_grills/SolutionOpen/?ac=83

  • Proj Summary, List Dirty (modified files), Quick open files by partial file name or class name
  • Download source code, Author:Dennis Lang ListDirtyFiles.zip

    Example of List Dirty File, with Solution 'project' summary in top panel

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