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Eastern Coyotes New Hampshire
(Aug 2013)

Pictures taken of eastern coyotes in Southern New Hampshire using WildView trail camera in conservation forest behind our house.

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  • Estimate coyote height at 17 inches
  • Map of trails, camera and den
  • Web images of Eastern Coyote
  • Youtube video showing pack making loud noises
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    Eastern Coyotes - Early Aug 2013

    Eastern Coyotes - Late Aug 2013

    Estimate Coyote's Height

    The following two images are composited to try and estimate the coyotes height:


    Composite, shows the top of the coyote's head is just below my knee at about 17 inches tall:

    Map of trails, camera and coyote location

    Map of area, showing trails in RED and camera location. First map is a winter image which shows the trails clearer.

    Some Web images, mostly of the Eastern Coyote
    (Click on images to follow link to coyote information)

    Montana Coyote

    Youtube video showing coyote pack making loud noises

    This youtube video is of four coyotes in Burbank CA. The coyotes look similar in color and size to ours and the noise is exactly what we hear at night.

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