Example How To Highlight Table Rows

By enabling onmouseover and onmouseout action, you can change the style of a table row and change its appearance. The simple form is to highlight as the cursor moves down a table, but there is no limit to what you can change via a style class.

The bad news, is you have to add the mouse actions to every table row.

In addition, you can add a Javascript to automatically highlight a row based on a time tag. In this example the tag 'id' is set to a time value in the form:

Where MM is the month number (01-12) and DD is the day (01-31). In this example the day DD was round to a week day starting on Sunday.

Duty Schedule

Starting Name
Dec 28Allan
Jan 4Bill
Jan 11Cathy
Jan 18Dennis
Jan 25Edward
Jan 26Frank
Feb 1Allan
Feb 8Bill
Feb 15Cathy
Feb 22Dennis
Mar 1Edward
Mar 8Frank
Mar 15Allan
Mar 22Bill
Mar 29Cathy